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Prince of Peace Independent Catholic Community
Last update 1/30/15

Embrace your Catholic Heritage
In a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

Saint Benedict said: "All are to be welcomed - as Christ." In keeping with this teaching Prince of Peace is an independent catholic community dedicated to the inclusion of all.

We seek to promote Christ's Gospel of Love and to teach Love through word and action. We reach out to all who seek healing from the effects of predjudices toward race, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, living situation, gender identification, cultural exclusiveness, or heritage.

Prince of Peace is catholic church that is indepndent of the Vatican and not part of the Roman Catholic church. Our clergy are ordained in Valid Apostolic Succession through Old Catholic, Roman Catholic and Orthodox lines of succession.

Our community was formed in 2004 from the membership of an Old Catholic parish who’s bishop had moved out of state. We offer all of the traditional catholic sacraments including Baptism, Confession and Marriages (for both same-gender and different gender couples).

As in the very early days of Christianity, Prince of Peace follows the concept of a "Home Church", meaning we do not have a physical church location. Our community meets for mass every Sunday at the homes of our members in various locations around Long island.

Whether you are married, divorced, gay, lesbian, transgendered, abused by a religious leader or simply seeking a welcoming and inclusive sacramental church community, we welcome you to join us.

Come home to your Catholic Roots
You're Always Welcome Here!

For information about the Prince of Peace community,
write or call:

Prince of Peace
Independent Catholic Community
P. O. Box 1757
Central Islip, New York 11722


email: info@princeofpeace-li.org

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